Grieg Minute by Minute

Grieg Minute by Minute – The Slow TV Programme of the Year, 30 hours of live broadcasting from Troldhaugen and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra on NRK Television! 15-16 June 2018                

What is Grieg Minute by Minute?

For the 175th anniversary of Grieg’s birth, on 15 June 2018, KODE at/ Troldhaugen, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK), and other collaborators, will produce the largest and longest Grieg concert ever performed, featuring all of his opuses, from 1-74.

The event will be a sweeping musical portrait of Edvard Grieg’s famous compositions, with performances by leading Norwegian orchestras and soloists from today’s music scene and a grand-scale public festival which the entire country can take part in.

It will be this year’s comprehensive slow television project produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK. NRK’s groundbreaking slow television programmes have captured millions of viewers in recent years. They make use of every possible venue to make Grieg Minute by Minute this year’s grandest media event on the music front.

All of the music will be performed live! This means there will be a night concert in Bergen’s largest concert hall Grieghallen, around the clock admission to Troldhaugen, and that the festival will be a white night event lasting from 15 to 16 June. 

Where will it take place?

Most of the concerts will take place in Bergen. The great majority of the works – the piano pieces, the songs and chamber music – will be performed at Grieg's home and museum at Troldhaugen. The orchestra pieces will be performed in Grieghallen and Store Studio by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK) respectively. 

Join in on the celebration - free admission and concerts at Troldhaugen - day and night!

All events and concerts at Troldhaugen will be free of charge. For booking of tickets to the concerts with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in Grieghallen, go to 

This is a programme for the entire country, perhaps for the entire world. KODE and Harmonien wish to arouse popular and positive anticipation, and welcome ideas and input from the public. Do you have a favourite Grieg opus? A memory associated with his music? Do you play or perform music by Grieg yourself? Share it with us!

Follow and use the hashtag #nrkgrieg on social media sites, and click here to join our Facebook event, which will be used to share updates and information about Grieg Minute for Minute!

How long will it last?

Approximately 30 hours. We will begin at 6 pm on Grieg’s birthday, Friday 15th June, and continue until ca. 10 pm the following day. There will be many highlights: the A minor concert around 10 pm on Friday, a theatrical version of Peer Gynt around 1 am on Saturday, Ved Rondane at sunrise, the Holberg Suite for breakfast on Saturday, Haugtussa at dinnertime, and in conclusion, Four Psalms – Grieg’s very last opus – at his gravesite at Troldhaugen late Saturday evening.

Who will participate?

Norway’s most prominent pianists, singer, string musicians and chamber music ensembles, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra – and a score of soloists from across the country.