Program at Troldhaugen

Join the celebrations in Bergen, day and night, 15th - 16th June. All the concerts at Troldhaugen are free! 

- All concerts at Troldhaugen have free admission. In addition, the entire production will be broadcasted live and displayed at screens on the area, from Friday at 17:30.
- We cannot guarantee seats in the concert hall nor in the villa, and advice you to follow instructions given by our hosts on location.
- Our small restaurant/bar will be open for 30 hours. 
- Bringing your own food is absolutely allowed, so feel free to bring your own picknick-basket. Bringing your own alcohol isn't allowed.

Program at Troldhaugen: Grieg minute by minute

Friday evening: Opening

Official opening at 17:15. The broadcast starts at 17:30. Join us for the start of the world's longest Grieg concert! Free anniversary-cake for all. Violinist Arve Tellefsen and pianist Leif Ove Andsnes kickstarts the concerts at 17:30. 

Night to Saturday: Concert and soup

Chill mood, hot soup-sale. Night concerts at Troldhaugen in Troldsalen and the villa between 02.30 - 04.30.

Saturday: Festive mood 

Breakfast-sale and coffee from 06:30 and bubbly-anniversary-breakfast-sale from 08:00.

Concerts all day. Festive mood at the museum. Enjoy the day, the broadcast and the concerts at Troldhaugen. You may purchase food in the cafe, or bring your own picknick-basket.

Saturday evening: Grand finale

The beginning of the end starts with The Mountain Maid at 18:45, and the broadcast ends with Grieg's Four psalms at 22:10. The last psalm is performed by Grieg’s gravesite at Troldhaugen.

Follow live stream from your home

If you cant't come to Troldhaugen for the event, Grieg minute by minute will be broadcasted live by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) from 15-16 June, and can be followed live from all over the world!

 Watch live here

The concert will start at 17:30 CEST on June 15 and last until 23:00 CEST.Enjoy!

Embed stream
If you want to embed the live stream on your own site, that is completely allowed! Embed link is:
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