14/1: Pål Eide

Concert with Pål Eide in Grieg's villa, Sunday 14 January at 14:00.

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Bergen-born pianist Pål Eide studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Tom Ernst and in the Soloist Class with José Ribera, at the Tchakovsky Conservatory in Moscow with Tatjana Nicolayeva and Naum Starkmann and later with Jiri Hlinka in Oslo.

He has established a reputation as one of the interesting Scandinavian pianists of his generation. The press has predicted him a promising future, calling him a coming star in the world of classical music.

Selected reviews:

"He has a way of getting inside the music to elucidate the extra-musical imagery behind the notes."
Fanfare Magazine/Jerry Dubins

"He makes the piano sound like an orchestra, painting vividly graphic soundscapes on the piano."
Clavier Companion/Wei Chen Lin


Concert in Grieg's villa,Sunday 14 January 2018 at 14:00

Edvard Grieg (1843 – 1907):
Utvalgte Lyriske stykker / Selected Lyric Pieces
Til våren / To Spring, op. 43 nr. 6
Trolltog / March of the Trolls, op. 54 nr. 3
Notturno, op. 54 nr. 4

Harald Sæverud (1897 – 1992):
Fra Slåtter og stev fra Siljustøl / From Tunes and Dances from ”Siljustøl”, 2. suite, op. 22
Kjempeviseslåtten / The Ballad of Revolt (Til hjemmefrontens store og små kjempere)

David Monrad Johansen (1888 – 1974):
Nordlandsbilleder suite nr. 1 op. 5
Den lille stengud
Mot fedrenes fjell

Modest Musorgskij (1839 – 1881):
Bilder fra en utstilling / Pictures at an Exhibition

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Pål Eide (foto: Per Dreyer)