Evening Recital: Joachim Kwetzinsky

Evening Recital with pianist Joachim Kwetzinsky, Sunday 13 August.

Joachim Kwetzinsky is a prominent and versatile Norwegian pianist. He has appeared as a soloist at several festivals, including Bergen International Festival, Festival of North Norway, Ultima,
Christmas at the Kremlin and Woerthersee Classics Festival.

He has performed in a number of countries, and has premiered many pieces by contemporary composers from Norway and  abroad.
In 2010 he released his first solo CD  ”Polyphonic Dialogues” with music by  Shostakovich and Shchedrin. In 2013 he released a cd with piano and chamber music by Marcus Paus on the label Aurora.

Troldsalen, Sunday 13 August at 18

Trygve Madsen (f. 1940):
A la manière de Grieg (2008)
1. Marche norvégienne
2. Elle danse
3. Il y avait une fois
4. Danse norvégienne

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907):
19 Norske Folkeviser / 19 Norwegian Folk Songs, Op. 66
1. Kulokk / Cow Call (from Lom)
2. Det er den største dårlighet / It Is the Greatest Foolishness (from Sunnmøre)
3. En konge hersket i Østerland / A King Ruled in the East (from Sogn)
4. Siri Dale-visen / The Siri Dale Song (from Årdal in Sogn)
5. Det var i min ungdom / It Was in My Youth (from Luster in Sogn)
6. Lokk og bådnlåt / Cow Call and Lullaby (from Luster in Sogn)
7. Bådnlåt / Lullaby (from Ryfylke)
8. Lokk / Cow Call (from Lom)
9. Liten va guten / Small was the Lad (from Østre Slidre)
10. Morgo ska du få gifta deg / Tomorrow You Shall Marry Her (from Lom)
11. Der stander to piger / There Stood Two Girls (from Lom)
12. Ranveig (from Lom)
13. En liten grå mann / A Little Grey Man (from Lom)
14. I Ola-dalom, I Ola-tjønn / In Ola Valley, in Ola Lake (from Østre Slidre)
15. Bådnlåt / Lullaby (from Lom)
16. Ho vesle Astrid vår / Little Astrid (from Lom)
17. Bådnlat / Lullaby (from Turtagrø in Sogn)
18. Jeg går i tusen tanker / I Wander Deep in Thought (from Turtagrø in Sogn)
19. Gjendines bådnlåt / Gjendine’s Lullaby (from Lom) 


Marcus Paus (f. 1979):
4 Memento Mori (2012)

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975):
Fra 24 preludier og fuger / From 24 Preludes and fugues, op. 87
No. 2 in A minor
No. 4 in E minor
No. 5 in D major
No. 7 in A major
No. 15 in D-flat major

You will also meet Joachim Kwetzinsky in the daily lunchtime concerts at 13:00. More information on the lunchtime concerts here

Tickets and booking
NOK 250/200/50 (includes admittance to Edvard Grieg's villa before the concert).

Book your tickets at Visitbergen or at Ticketmaster. Remaining tickets are sold at the door before the concert.

Tickets with bus
Evening Recital with bus transport.

  • Bus from Bergen Tourist Information at 16:30
  • Guided tour of Grieg’s villa
  • Recital in Troldsalen at 18:00
  • Return to Bergen city centre at 20:00

NOK 350/100 Tickets for sale at the Tourist Information and online at www.visitbergen.com



* Pris/Price: NOK 250 / BT-kort og Student NOK 200 / Barn/Children NOK 50