Every day: My favorite

Enjoy some of the most beloved music of Grieg with the Troldhaugen staff. Bring your coffee or tea and join us!


Discover Grieg through some of the persons that know his music the very best – the staff at Edvard Grieg Museum. In this daily event our conservators, guides and musicians will alternate on presenting their personal favorites by Edvard Grieg through both words and live music.

Stian Økland, tenor
Elizaveta Agrafenina, soprano
Daniel Øvrebø, flute
Dmytro Kozar, violin
Silje Solberg, Norwegian "kveding" and Hardanger Fiddle
Leonard Lindweld, piano
Alejandro Gomez Villanueva, tenor
Annabel Guaita, Head of Education and pianist
Monica Jangaard, curator
Annett Schattauer, Educator & registrar
Mirte Bogaert, museum guide
Elise Winterthun, museum guide
Martha Berit Belt, museum guide
Kari Dahl Nielsen, museum guide

We look forward to seeing you every day at 14:15 from June 15 to August 31.

  • Duration: 15 minutes. In English only.

  • Included in the entrance ticket.

  • Venue: the audio room in the museum building


* Included in the museum entrance ticket

Edvard and Nina Grieg with friends in Copenhagen.