Outdoor Audio Guide

Stroll around Troldhaugen with your own personal guide in your ears! KODE has launched two outdoor audio guides, one for adults and one for children, which can offer an added dimension to your museum visit.

– This is something we have wanted to do for a long time and I believe it will give the public a whole new experience of the museum, says curator of KODE’s composers homes, Monica Jangaard. 
While listening to Grieg 
She is project coordinator for the new audio guide, which has been designed in collaboration with the museum’s education department.

During eight stops at on the idyllic grounds at Troldhaugen the visitor is served fascinating stories about Nina and Edvard Grieg, as well as selected pieces of music by the world-renowned composer. There are several music pieces to choose from.

– To wander around the grounds listening to “Morning Mood” and other well-known pieces was a wonderful new experience for me, says Jangaard enthusiastically. 
Separate tour for children 
A separate tour designed for children between the ages of 4–10 is also in place. Here children can listen to amusing and gripping stories sprinkled with short activities and snippets of music.

– It is the first time KODE offers a separate audio guide for children, so it has been exciting and instructive to work with. We believe this activity can be interesting for children of all ages, says Jangaard. 
Several new initiatives in the offing 
The director of the composer’s home, Christian Grøvlen, says that additional tours are currently underway. The audio guide is one of many projects in KODE’s upcoming plans for disseminating knowledge about the composer’s music.
– We intend to explore new ways of presenting the music and the history of the place to our guests. We have abundant material to choose from and this is only the first step, Grøvlen promises.
How can you reserve the audio guide tour? 
The audio guide tour in included in the entrance ticket to the museum. You can download the app on your smart phone or borrow equipment at the reception desk at Troldhaugen. 
You can spend as long as you wish on the tour. You can also choose the sequence in which you follow the tour.