Sunday 27 November at 13.00:

The Edvard Grieg Children and Youth Choirs are returning to Troldhaugen to perform Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols".

A Ceremony of Carols is one of Benjamin Britten's most well known compositions and is often sung during Christmas times.

Britten was 29 years old when he began composing the work during a five-week voyage from New York to England. On the journey they sailed through Canada where Britten bought a book of medieval poetry. This book, along with Gregorian chants and poems from the 14th-16th century, became one of the main the inspirations for A Ceremony of Carols.

Edvard Grieg Children and Youth Choirs are a large-scale investment in singing and choir training for children and young people. In the Edvard Grieg choirs, choral singing is taken seriously, and from the age of 6 the children are trained in correct voice use, hearing and singing together. Through collaboration with the most prominent classical cultural institutions in Bergen, The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and The Bergen National Opera, they train children from an early age to participate in large scale concerts or opera productions with a high level of professionalism.

The EGK-pyramid aims to educate singers from 6 to 26 years, starting with the aspirant choirs, via the main choirs to the youth choir. Those who want to participate at a high level are piloted into the talent program: EGK-talent or a program for music students: "Unge Stemmer" (Young voices).         

Adults: NOK 130
KODE members, Students and BergenCard: NOK 50
Children NOK 50

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