3 April: Concert: Mari Eriksmoen & Signe Bakke  

Sunday 3 April, 13:00: The star soprano Mari Eriksmoen returns to Troldhaugen! Accompanied by the pianist Signe Bakke, she will perform a wide selection of songs and romances in a programme that celebrates the artistic partnership between Nina and Edvard Grieg. A short introduction will be held by curator Monica Jangaard. 

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“… the only true interpreter of my songs”

This well-known statement by Edvard Grieg refers to his wife, the vocalist Nina Grieg, who frequently included his songs in her repertoire. In the generations since their passing, vocalists from all over the world have continued to interpret romances by Grieg and other composers. These intimate, tonal poems from the heyday of romanticism have never gone out of style.

Mari Eriksmoen and Signe Bakke have carefully selected romances spanning a period of around a hundred years, from Robert Schumann and Hugo Wolf to Grieg and the bold, unconventional Norwegian composer Pauline Hall.

Edvard Grieg wrote 200 songs based on texts by both Norwegian and international poets. This programme highlights the Danish author H. C. Andersen, many of whose texts Grieg wrote music for. Later in life Grieg was greatly inspired by the poems of the Norwegians Aasmund Olavsson Vinje and Arne Garborg.

Pauline Hall had a multifaceted production and is regarded as one of the foremost and earliest female symphonic composers in the Nordic region. We will hear her version of “Veslemøy” from Arne Garborg’s Haugtussa, which we know well from Grieg’s version.

About the artists 
The Bergen-based Mari Eriksmoen is currently enjoying a successful international career, having performed important roles on major European opera stages and worked for several prominent opera houses on the continent. 

Signe Bakke has a busy schedule as a concert pianist and has performed at several festivals both in Norway and abroad, not least at the Bergen International Festival. In addition to her solo activities, she has worked extensively as an accompanist and chamber musician. 

Concert Sunday 3 April at 13:00 in Troldsalen 
Mari Eriksmoen, soprano 
Signe Bakke, piano 

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) 
To brune Øjne / Two Brown Eyes, op. 5 nr. 1  
(tekst: H. C. Andersen 

Ved Rondane / At Rondane, op. 33 nr. 9  
(tekst: A. O. Vinje) 

Jeg elsker deg / I Love but Thee, op. 5 nr. 3 
(tekst: H. C. Andersen)

Killingdans / Kidlings’ Dance, op. 67 nr. 6 
(tekst: Arne Garborg)

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)  
Fra / From Myrthen, op. 25 
Lied der Suleika 
(Tekst: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) 
Der Nussbaum  
(Tekst. Julius Mosen) 
(Tekst: Friedrich Rückert) 

Fra / From Lieder-Album für die Jugend, op. 79 

Pauline Hall (1890-1969) 
Du blomst i dug  

Hugo Wolf (1860-1903):  
Fra / From 6 Lieder für einen Frauenstimme 
(Tekst: Eduard Mörike) 

Fra / From Italienisches Liederbuch 
(Tekst: Paul Heyse) 
- Du denkst mit einem Fädchen mich zu fangen 
- Nein, junger Herr, so treibt man’s nicht fürwahr 
- Auch kleine Dinge können uns entzücken 
- Mir ward gesagt, du reisest in die Ferne 

Fra / From Mörike-Lieder 
Er ist’s 

Fra / From Italienisches Liederbuch 
- Ich hab in Penna einen Liebsten wohnen 


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