4/12: Christmas tree lighting at Siljustøl

On Saturday, December 4, the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony will take place from kl. 16:30 in the forest at Siljustøl.

Welcome to one of the most cheerful family events during Advent!
True to tradition, we light one of Western Norway's largest Christmas trees in the forest at Siljustøl with Christmas themed entertainment.

Performance by the Boys Choir from Fridalen Church with conductor Knut Christian Jansson. Among other things, there will be a candlelight vigil and who knows - maybe Santa will show up in the woods this year as well? PS: It will be possible for the children to borrow Lucia candles, but we encourage those who have this at home to bring them.

Arranged in collaboration with Råstølen Velforening 


Time: Saturday 4 December at 16:30-17:30

Price: Free for everyone

  • 4. December 2021