27 March: Concert: Poulenc 

Sunday 27 March, 13:00: The soprano Eldrid Gorset performs Poulenc’s dramatic and passionately sensual one-woman opera La voix Humaine in "Nynorsk", one of the two variants of the Norwegian language. In this piece, melodic, romantic music meets French cabaret. 

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Eldrid Gorset offers a rare opportunity to experience one of the most magnificent French operas – now in Nynorsk. Gorset will be accompanied by the pianist Olga Jørgensen. 

La voix humaine explores love at the dawn of modern technology, as a woman named Elle is abandoned by her lover over the phone. The opera was written for a single vocalist, and the audience hears only her side of the conversation. 

The opera was composed in 1958 by Francis Poulenc (1899–1963), who described himself as “half monk, half rascal”. Poulenc did not live openly as a gay man, but referred several times to his “Parisian sexuality”. When he composed The Human Voice, he was suffering from a severely broken heart. 

The libretto is based on a play written in 1928 by Poulenc’s close friend Jean Cocteau (1889–1963), who at the time was going through a tumultuous breakup with another man. Cocteau reversed the gender roles in his text, and the person being referred to as “her” in the opera actually refers to Cocteau himself. However, the theme of the “desperate, abandoned woman” was more socially acceptable for mainstream audiences at the time. 

About the artists 
Eldrid Gorset is currently affiliated with the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen as a vocalist apprentice, performing for example as Zerlina in Don Giovanni and Musetta in La Bohème. Her repertoire ranges from witty opera roles to tender romances. 

Olga Jørgensen is an award-winning, in-demand pianist and chamber musician. She has worked as a soloist with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and has performed at venues such as the University Aula in Oslo and Wigmore Hall and St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, as well as numerous festivals in Norway and abroad.

Year of Queer Culture 2022 
During the Year of Queer Culture, KODE will explore music made by norm-breaking composers over the centuries. Several of the foremost classical composers in history were also queer. Many of them lived in a constant state of emotional turmoil and in many cases kept their orientation hidden. It is easy to imagine that these burdens influenced the music they wrote.

Eldrid Gorset, soprano 
Olga Jørgensen, piano 
Concert in Troldsalen at 13:00 

Menneskerøysta (La voix Humaine) (Concert lasts aprox. 1 hour). 

Teksten er oversatt til nynorsk av Bjørn Endreson.  



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