Concert: Telemark Quintet

The Engegård Quartet and Hardanger fiddler Nils Økland perform 'Telemark Quintet' written by Nils Anders Mortensen. The concert is arranged in Troldsalen, Sunday 29 September at 18:00.

'Telemark Quintet' comprises of re-workings of original folk tunes as well as new compositions inspired by traditional Norwegian folk dances (slåtter). Edvard Grieg incorporated traditional fiddle melodies by Knut Dahle in his Slåtter Op.72 for solo piano. Dahle was a renowned Hardanger fiddler from Tinn in Telemark.

At Grieg’s request, violinist and composer Johan Halvorsen wrote down Dahle’s folk melodies in 1901. Published by Halvorsen as Norwegische Bauerntänze, and edited by Edvard Grieg, a collection of tunes were published as
Slåtter Op.72 in 1902–03. In 1912, Rikard Berge came to Tinn in Telemark and made a phonograph recording of 120 songs played by Knut and Johannes Dahle, as well as numerous anecdotes about the Hardanger fiddle and folk music traditions. Several of these songs were also later recorded by Arne Bjørndal and Torkjell Haugerud.


The Engegård Quartet and Nils Økland are no strangers to works for Hardanger fiddle and string quartet. Together they have performed Johan Kvandal’s ‘Quintet’ Op.50, traditional folk tunes, and Økland’s own melodies on numerous occasions in Norway, as well as at a critically acclaimed concert in Salzburg.

Nils Anders Mortensen is one of the most sought after pianists in Scandinavia and his compositions have been widely performed throughout Norway. He was a natural choice of composer for the ‘Telemark Quintet’ with his wide knowledge of both traditional and art music.

With the 'Telemark Quintet’, Mortensen, Økland and the Engegård Quartet hope that Norway’s rich folk music heritage will continue to flourish well into the 21st century.


Engegård Quartet
Arvid Engegård, violin
Alex Robson, violin
Juliet Jopling, viola
Jan Clemens Carlsen, cello

Nils Økland, Hardanger Fiddle

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Strykekvartett i G-dur / String Quartet in G major, op. 76 nr. 1
Allegro con spirito
Adagio sostenuto
Menuetto (presto)
Allegro ma non troppo

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
Slåtter / Norwegian Peasant Dances, op. 72 
Arrangert for strykekvartett og hardingfele / 
Arranged for String Quartet and Hardanger fiddle

Béla Bartók (1881-1945)
Strykekvartett / String Quartet nr. 4
Prestissimo, con sordino
Non troppo lento
Allegretto pizzicato
Allegro molto

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Bergen Card NOK 250,-
KODE Members NOK 200,-
Students/Children (u. 16 år): NOK 50

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