Previous concerts Troldhaugen

2/12: The Ambiguous Astrup: Martha Berit Belt

2 Dec 2021

2 December at 18:00: In relation to our Nikolai Astrup exhibition "Visions of Norway", KODE's Composers' Homes invites our audiences to the concert series «Astrup’s Musical Landscape» in Festsalen, KODE 1. The first recital is by pianist Martha Berit Belt who presents composers with connections to Western Norway, .

24/11: Nina 175: Concert with The Edvard Grieg Choir

24 Nov 2021

Finally, we can mark last year's 175th anniversary for Nina Grieg with a mini festival. On Wednesday 24 November, we invite you to an evening concert with The Edvard Grieg Choir.


12 Oct 2021 to 17 Oct 2021

During the fall break we are inviting children of all ages to a song hour at Troldhaugen and to a storytelling hour with pony rides at Siljustøl.

A Ceremony of Carols: Benjamin Britten

28 Nov 2021

Sunday 28 November the Edvard Grieg Children and Youth Choirs will join on stage at Troldhaugen to perform Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols".

31/10: World premiere - In Arduis

31 Oct 2021

Welcome to the world premiere of "In Arduis" on 31 October at 17:00, written this year by our composer in residence Wolfgang Plagge.

19/9: Concert: Wolfgang Plagge

19 Sep 2021

La Voix de Compositeur: Recital by pianist and composer Wolfgang Plagge in Troldsalen, Sunday 19. September 13:00.

21/11: Vertavo String Quartet

21 Nov 2021

Welcome to a concert by the Vertavo String Quartet in Troldsalen, Sunday 21. November at 18:00.

3/10: Concert Lecture: Ketil Bjørnstad

3 Oct 2021

Welcome to the concert lecture: "Verden som var min" (The world that was mine) by Ketil Bjønstad, Sunday 3. October at 13:00. The lecture will be in Norwegian.

Røta: Ragnhild Hemsing and Tor Espen Aspaas

5 Sep 2021

Concert with violinist Ragnhild Hemsing and pianist Tor Espen Aspaas in Troldsalen, Sunday 5 September at 13:00.

Evening concerts 2021

Troldsalen er en av verdens fineste konsertsalen, og nå opprustet for 20 millioner. Foto: Dag Fosse
17 Jun 2021 to 26 Aug 2021

Welcome to evening concerts in Troldsalen chamber music hall, every Thursday at 18:00 throughout the summer from June 17- August 28.  

Garden Party: Edvard Grieg's birthday

Villaen på Troldhaugen. Foto: Dag Fosse / KODE
15 Jun 2021

Edvard Grieg's birthday on June 15 is celebrated with a Garden Party from 18:00.

Birthday Recital: Joachim Carr

15 Jun 2021

Edvard Grieg's birthday recital with pianist Joachim Carr in Troldsalen Tuesday 15. June at 19.00.

Evening Recital: Martha Berit Belt

19 Aug 2021

Evening Recital with pianist Martha Berit Belt in Troldsalen Thursday 19. August at 18.00.

Evening Recital 12/8: Mariam Kharatyan

12 Aug 2021

Evening Recital with pianist Mariam Kharatyan in Troldsalen Thursday 12. August at 18.00.

Evening Recital 5/8: Marina K Selvik

Marina Kan Selvik. Foto: Yulianna Asinovskaya
5 Aug 2021

Evening Recital with pianist Marina Kan Selvik in Troldsalen Thursday 5. August at 18.00.

Evening Recital: Edel Bolstad

29 Jul 2021

Evening Recital with pianist Edel Bolstad in Troldsalen Thursday 29 July at 18.00.