Previous concerts Troldhaugen

Evening recital: Thormod Rønning Kvam

23 Jun 2022

Evening Recital with pianist Thormod Rønning Kvam in Troldsalen, Thursday 23 June at 18:00.

Lunchtime concerts: Thormod Kvam

Thormod Rønning Kvam (foto: Per Sollerman)
21 Jun 2022 to 26 Jun 2022

Tuesday-Sunday at 11:30 and 13.00: Welcome to lunchtime concerts with Thormod Rønning Kvam, pianist of the week at Troldhaugen from 21-26 June.


14 Jul 2022

Evening Recital with pianist Olga Jørgensen in Troldsalen Thursday 14 July at 18:00.


12 Jul 2022 to 17 Jul 2022

Tuesday-Sunday at 11:30 and 13.00: Welcome to lunchtime concerts with Olga Jørgensen, pianist of the week at Troldhaugen from 12-17 July.

EVENING RECITAL: Christian Sommerfelt

11 Aug 2022

Evening Recital with pianist Christian Sommelfelt in Troldsalen, Thursday 11 August at 18:00.     

Lunchtime Concerts: Christian Sommerfelt

9 Aug 2022 to 14 Aug 2022

Tuesday-Sunday at 11:30 and 13.00: Welcome to lunchtime concerts with Christian Sommerfelt, pianist of the week at Troldhaugen from 09 - 14 August.

15/6: Grieg's birthday RECITAL: KEI SOLVANG

15 Jun 2022

Wednesday 15 June at 18.00: Edvard Grieg's birthday recital with pianist Kei Solvang in Troldsalen.

Lunchtime Concerts: Kei Solvang

15 Jun 2022 to 19 Jun 2022

Tuesday-Sunday at 11:30 and 13.00: Welcome to lunchtime concerts with Kei Solvang, pianist of the week at Troldhaugen from 15-19 June.

Concert 8/5: Pauline Hall’s Piano Sonata

Julie Ye (foto: Clementine Grimault)
8 May 2022

Sunday, 8 May, 13:00: Two daring composers are linked together when Julie Ye performs works by Harald Sæverud and his close friend Pauline Hall at Siljustøl. This may be the first time in over a century that Hall’s piano sonata is being performed. 

17 April: Concert: The young Sæverud

17 Apr 2022

Sunday, 17 April, 13:00: We will be celebrating Harald Sæverud’s 125th anniversary at Siljustøl Museum with a rare performance of his youthful piano sonata by Ole Christian Haagenrud.

3 April: Concert: Mari Eriksmoen & Signe Bakke  

3 Apr 2022

Sunday 3 April, 13:00: The star soprano Mari Eriksmoen returns to Troldhaugen! Accompanied by the pianist Signe Bakke, she will perform a wide selection of songs and romances in a programme that celebrates the artistic partnership between Nina and Edvard Grieg. A short introduction will be held by curator Monica Jangaard. 

27 March: Concert: Poulenc 

27 Mar 2022

Sunday 27 March, 13:00: The soprano Eldrid Gorset performs Poulenc’s dramatic and passionately sensual one-woman opera La voix Humaine in "Nynorsk", one of the two variants of the Norwegian language. In this piece, melodic, romantic music meets French cabaret. 

Concert: The Rainbow and Britten 

Magnus Ingemund Kjelstad
13 Mar 2022

Sunday, 13 March, 13:00: We continue our journey through Benjamin Britten’s music, this time in a contrasting programme where a dark, sorrowful song-cycle meets newfound love and a belief in the future. 

Concert: Amalie Stalheim and Britten 

Amalie Stalheim (foto: Nicolaj Lund)
6 Feb 2022

Sunday, 6 February, 13:00: The cellist Amalie Stalheim kicks off the Year of Queer Culture’s musical programme. Alone on stage she will fill the Troldsalen concert hall with an intimate, personal performance of works by Benjamin Britten, Johann Sebastian Bach, and one of our own era’s most prominent composers, Kaija Saariaho.  

13.01: Catching the Flame

13 Jan 2022

Concert in KODE 1 (Bergen city centre): Nils Økland and Sigbjørn Apeland will play folk music and improvisations inspired by the painter Astrup, followed by an introduction to the Nikolai Astrup exhibition "Visions of Norway".

20/1: Nocturne and symphony: Oda Voltersvik

20 Jan 2022

January 20th at 18:00: In relation to our Nikolai Astrup exhibition "Visions of Norway", KODE invites our audiences to the concert series «Astrup’s Musical Landscape» in KODE 1 (Bergen city centre)