Tuesday-Sunday at 11:30 and 13.00: Welcome to lunchtime concerts with Joachim Knoph, pianist of the week at Troldhaugen from 5-10 July.

We invite you to a lunchtime concert in Troldsalen chamber music hall, with a beautiful view to Edvard Grieg’s composer’s hut. Grieg’s famous lyric pieces as well as his arrangements of Norwegian folk songs will be on the repertory. Each pianist will present their own programs.

Concert in Troldsalen at 11:30 and 13:00. 
Duration: 30 min.

Pianist of the week: Joachim Knoph

Joachim Knoph has performed at Troldhaugen several times during his career, and we're looking forward to welcoming him back in Troldsalen.

Knoph enjoys an active career as a pianist, and has performed in several countries. He has released several critically acclaimed albums, latest "Songs by Johan Kvandal" with soprano Katharina Gericke. Knoph is also increasingly active as a composer - particularly for choral music.


Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)

Tussebrureferda på Vossevangen/ The Goblin’s Bridal Procession at Vossevangen. Gangar, no. 14, Op 72.

Fra lyriske stykker: 
Gangar, no. 2, Op. 54.
Gade, no. 2 Op. 57.
Bryllupsdag på Troldhaugen / Wedding Day at Troldhaugen no. 6, Op. 65.
Trolltog/March of the Trolls no. 3, Op. 54.

Jon Vestafes Springdans / Jon Vestafe’s Springdans, no. 2, Op. 72.

Bådnlåt/ At the Cradle, no. 5, op. 68.

Tickets and booking

Adults: NOK 200
KODE members, Students and BergenCard: NOK 130
Children NOK 50

Duration: 30 minutes

Leftover tickets are sold at Troldhaugen. The ticket includes entrance to the museum and to Grieg’s villa.

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Joachim Knoph (foto: Åsa Maria Mikkelsen)