(Un-) Settling Sites and Styles

(Un-) Settling Sites and Styles: Performers in Search of New Expressive Means. Concert with the artistic research group at the Grieg Academy, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen. Sunday 5 May at 13:00

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Ricardo Odriozola (violin), Hilde H. Sveen (soprano), Liv Elise Nordskog (soprano), Signe Bakke (piano), Einar Røttingen (piano), Torleif Torgersen (piano), Arnulf Mattes (leader of Centre for Grieg Research, University of Bergen), Njål Sparbo (baritone), John Ehde (cello), Knut Vaage (composer) and students from the Grieg Academy.

The selected compositions are by 20th century and contemporary Norwegian composers, such as Harald Sæverud, Geirr Tveitt, Fartein Valen, Klaus Egge, Ludvig Irgens-Jensen and Morten Eide Pedersen and represent stylistic diversity and artistic individuality.
The research will include the investigation of concert performances in different venues and examine recording situations with interacting musicians, sound technician and producer as performative acts in order to discern in what way expressivity and the choice of expressive means is affected by different contexts in relation to artistic strategies and results.

The artistic results will be documented in concerts, recordings, videos and texts on performative issues and processes.

Read more on the project on unsettling.uib.no

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  • 5. May 2019

Harald Sæverud